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Welcome to the
National Association of Retired Sears Employees!

The purpose of this website is to enhance the services we provide to our members. We've provided a number of resources here to help keep you informed of news, events, allow discussions, and suggest improvements to our member services.



Breaking News

Off-price giant soars in Q3; raises outlook
Nov. 15, 2016

Activehours and Sears Holdings Bring On-Demand Pay to Shop Your Way® Members, and Sears and Kmart Associates
Nov. 14, 2016

Department store names soar on post-election good cheer
Nov. 14, 2016

J.C. Penney sales slide in Q3; cuts annual forecast
Nov. 11, 2016

The Dam Is About to Burst for Sears Holdings
Nov. 11, 2016

Holiday sales should increase, but profits will stay flat
Nov. 11, 2016

Commentary: J.C. Penney turnaround still on track despite weak Q3
Nov. 11, 2016

Don't get too excited about that Macy's real estate deal
Nov. 11, 2016

New York & Co. names Sears, Ann Taylor vet to head up marketing and online
Nov. 8, 2016

1 Big Difference Between Sears and Macy's, Inc.
Nov. 6, 2016

Sears' Edward Lampert Is the Most Hated CEO in America
Nov. 6, 2016

'Down-ballot' issues that could impact retailers and other businesses
Nov. 3, 2016

Is Sears Hometown Worth More Dead Than Alive?
Nov. 2, 2016

Sears in Oak Brook, elsewhere to be downsized
Nov. 2, 2016

Sears executive jumps ship for party supplies specialty retailer
Nov. 2, 2016

Black Friday's Secret: Same Deals Each Year
Nov. 2, 2016

Macy's unloads five stores
Nov. 1, 2016

Lowe's appoints new customer experience leader
Oct. 28, 2016

Amazon Takes Hit as Costs Surge
Oct. 28, 2016

Sears sweetens reward for MasterCard 'Shop Your Way' shoppers
Oct. 26, 2016

Moody's: Slow supply chains are department stores' Achilles heel
Oct. 25, 2016

Target's next limited edition collection to feature another big name
Oct. 20, 2016

Sears CEO thinks the company won't go belly up just yet
Oct. 20, 2016

ShopperTrak: Black Friday to reign supreme; new date for Super Saturday
Oct. 19, 2016

Can Sears Holdings Get Anyone to Buy Craftsman Now?
Oct. 17, 2016

Macy's Flagship Store Debuts New Apple Hub
Oct. 14, 2016

Commentary on September Sales
Oct. 14, 2016

Sears Saga to Continue for Some Time, as Company Faces "No Urgency" to Close Stores
Oct. 14, 2016

Sears names new CFO
Oct. 14, 2016

Sears lawsuit alleges store sales to benefit CEO
Oct. 13, 2016

The startup side of Sears: Retail giant's WallyHome sensor company grows rapidly after acquisition
Oct. 11, 2016

Sears' loyalty members get 'holiday bonus'
Oct. 11, 2016

More Good News for Retailers
Oct. 10, 2016

Wal-Mart Makes Risky Bet It Can Loosen Amazon's Grip Online
Oct. 7, 2016

Sears Holdings backtracks as Craftsman sale excitement fades
Oct. 7, 2016

Ailing Sears is a test of CEO Lampert's survival instinct
Oct. 7, 2016

Sears Holdings Still The Walking Dead
Oct. 6, 2016

J.C. Penney uses 'experiences' to 'reimagine retail'
Oct. 5, 2016

Sears exec joins Claire's
Oct. 5, 2016

Will Anyone Buy Craftsman?
Oct. 5, 2016

Target Goes After Millennials With Small, Focused Stores
Oct. 4, 2016

Sears's Craftsman Said to Get Interest From Black & Decker
Oct. 4, 2016

7 once-dominant retailers that are now on the verge of bankruptcy
Oct. 3, 2016

Are Consumers Ready to Buy Furniture Online?
Oct. 3, 2016

A Big-Box Retailer Thrives In a Non-Big-Box World
Oct. 3, 2016

Teen apparel retailer ousts longtime CEO; taps Target exec as head merchant
Oct. 3, 2016

Will Nordstrom Win When Target & Sears Failed in Canada?
Sept. 30, 2016

Retailers: Look not upon 'Millennial' as a segment, but as a lifestyle
Sept. 30, 2016

Some retailers choose turkey over Thanksgiving shopping
Sept. 29, 2016

Sears, Claire's at high risk in Fitch study of retail failures
Sept. 28, 2016

Sears could kill hundreds of American shopping malls
Sept. 28, 2016

Sears hitches a ride with Uber to make rewards plan more attractive
Sept. 28, 2016

Lands' End CEO Is Pushed Out After 19 Months
Sept. 27, 2016

The End Is Quickly Approaching for Sears Holdings Corp.
Sept. 21, 2016

Target pilots 'Perks' rewards program
Sept. 18, 2016

Why Sears Store Closings Could Be Good News for Seritage
Sept. 16, 2016

Dillard's Inc versus Sears Holdings Corporation Head to Head Compare
Sept. 15, 2016

Mall owners to departing anchor chains: See ya!
Sept. 15, 2016

Toys 'R' Us continues to narrow loss
Sept. 14, 2016

2016 Holiday Preview: Calendar shifts could benefit retailers
Sept. 14, 2016

Walmart is patenting 'mini-robot' technology that could have terrifying implications for workers
Sept. 13, 2016

'It was a ghost town': Shoppers reveal why they've abandoned Sears and Kmart
Sept. 11, 2016

Bankruptcy again for Kmart?
Sept. 11, 2016

Hostage By Hanjin: How to keep inventory moving when supply stops
Sept. 9, 2016

Can Sears Holdings Capture Millennial Shoppers?
Sept. 9, 2016

Macy's store closures haven't spooked Gap, PVH
Sept. 7, 2016

Sears Earnings Release And More Red Flags
Sept. 6, 2016

Johnson Controls and Tyco are now one
Sept. 6, 2016

Retailers Seek U.S. Help With Shipping Crisis
Sept. 2, 2016

Eddie Lampert Has to Step in and Save Sears Holdings Corp...Again
Sept. 1, 2016

Obamacare rate hikes rattle consumers, could threaten enrollment
Sept. 1, 2016

Decision by Sears to Sell Paint Won't Help the Troubled Retailer
Sept. 1, 2016

Sears to Begin Selling Paint in Stores Again
Aug. 30, 2016

Sears workers reveal why the company is bleeding cash
Aug. 28, 2016

Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD) Can't Stop Wetting the Bed
Aug. 26, 2016

Lampert's Lifeline Renews Debate Over Whether Sears Can Be Saved
Aug. 26, 2016

Sears to borrow $300 million from CEO Lampert as losses mount
Aug. 25, 2016

Sears moves to elevate apparel offerings with fashion-forward, in-store concept
Aug. 23, 2016

Sears Holdings Corp (SHLD) Is Hanging By a Thread
Aug. 23, 2016

Average retiree will see Social Security benefit decrease
Aug. 22, 2016

Department Store Rally: Bucking The Retail Trend In A Short Lived Respite?
Aug. 19, 2016

J.C. Penney announces major initiatives; sees half a billion in profit by 2017
Aug. 17, 2016

Some Retailers Profit Despite the Slump
Aug. 17, 2016

Sears Holdings: Setup For A Decline After The Recent Run-Up
Aug. 16, 2016

Retailers Suffer as Services Take Off
Aug. 13, 2016

J.C. Penney narrows loss as rebuilding progresses
Aug. 12, 2016

Healthy Consumer Spending Is No Comfort for Retailers
Aug. 11, 2016

Why Shutters are Coming Down at Macy's
Aug. 11, 2016

Moody's: This retail sector is on fire — even in physical space
Aug. 9, 2016

Report: Wal-Mart in talks to buy Amazon competitor,
Aug. 3, 2016

Office Depot closing 300 more stores; to expand 'store of future' pilot
Aug. 3, 2016

Report: Retailers re-focus on investing in physical stores
Aug. 2, 2016

J.C. Penney Escalates Appliance War Vs. Sears
July 28, 2016

Amazon crushes earnings expectations
July 28, 2016

What have malls done for people lately? Lots.
July 28, 2016

NRF ups retail sales forecast
July 26, 2016

Five Things Keeping Retailers Up at Night
July 25, 2016

Veteran Walmart executive dies at 82
July 25, 2016

Kmart workers believe all the stores are going to be imminently shut down
July 24, 2016

Amazon looks Southwest for latest facility
July 22, 2016

Passing of the baton at J.C. Penney
July 22, 2016

Sears Is Fighting a Losing Battle Against J.C. Penney in Appliances
July 20, 2016

Target's Expansion into Cities May Mean More Smaller Stores
July 19, 2016

J.C. Penney Gets Aggressive in Appliance War With Sears
July 18, 2016

June retail sales get warmer
July 15, 2016

Study: Top retail brands include repeat performers
July 14, 2016

Sears Finds a New Way to Rake in Cash
July 14, 2016

Mall Owners Push Out Department Stores
July 11, 2016

Here's the Latest Way Walmart Is Taking on Amazon and eBay
July 5, 2016

Check Out the Weird Ways Sears Holdings Wants to Save Itself
July 4, 2016

Sears Holdings: Long-Term Underinvestment Creates Many Problems
July 3, 2016

All-Day Breakfast Saved McDonald's. What Would Save Sears?
July 2, 2016

Why Hudson's Bay, Macy's and Nordstrom Will Thrive Even As Many Stores Lose Productivity
June 30, 2016

Sears House Brands Are Tackling the Smart Home
June 24, 2016

Macy's Chief to Exit Amid Store Struggles
June 24, 2016

Good news for J.C. Penney
June 24, 2016

Macy's, JCPenney, And Sears: Where's The Differentiation?
June 22, 2016

Sears takes its Kenmore brand out of the kitchen with new line of TVs
June 21, 2016

Art Griesbaum Jr., Former Sears, Roebuck Executive Dies
June 20, 2016

Meet Alfie, Sears' voice-controlled shopping assistant
June 17, 2016

Retailers Need to Close Some Doors to Survive
June 17, 2016

Gene Joseph Stroner, Obituary
June 17, 2016

Wal-Mart Stores sets bullish sales target
June 17, 2016

Sears' obsession with Wall Street is killing the retailer for good
June 16, 2016

America's dying shopping malls have billions in debt coming due
June 16, 2016

Retail Sales Not Strong for All
June 14, 2016

Sears to Sell DieHard Branded Tires
June 14, 2016

Would Sears Holdings Corp. Have Anything of Value if Eddie Lampert Sells These Brands?
June 11, 2016

Which home improvement retailer is most satisfactory?
June 7, 2016

Thomas D. Neal, Former Sears, Roebuck Executive Dies
June 4, 2016

Walmart taking on Amazon with same-day delivery pilot
June 3, 2016

Wal-Mart looks to future at annual meeting
June 3, 2016

Seven Customers Retailers Should Know
June 3, 2016

Eddie Lampert Makes A Move That Could Be The Death Knell For Sears
June 3, 2016

May same-store sales fizzle
June 2, 2016

Seritage Growth Properties: The Sears Problem Is Getting Worse
June 1, 2016

Study: The price may not be right for retailers
June 1, 2016

How E-commerce is eroding retail earnings
May 31, 2016

J.C. Penney's Move Into Appliances Will Hurt Best Buy and Sears
May 28, 2016

Target Shutting Down Curbside Pickup Pilot Program Effective June 15
May 27, 2016

Sears to explore options for Kenmore, Craftsman, DieHard brands
May 26, 2016

Sears' woes mount; exploring partnerships for key brands
May 26, 2016

Sears is still fighting a four-alarm fire
May 25, 2016

Stores Make a Comeback: Becoming a Hub for an Array of Customer Services
May 24, 2016

Innovative retail concept combines offline and online at the mall
May 20, 2016

The Target boycott has reached a boiling point -- and sales may suffer as a result
May 15, 2016

Guess what? JC Penney is now ahead of the curve
May 13, 2016

Sears has lost shareholders much of their investment
May 13, 2016

Mixed bag for Penney: Sales fall, but profit tops forecasts
May 13, 2016

Nordstrom joins retail bloodbath
May 12, 2016

Sears planning smaller-format appliance stores
May 12, 2016

Sears Launches Ninth Annual Heroes at Home Program, Renovating Homes of Military Families Across the U.S.
May 10, 2016

J.C. Penney moving forward with big new initiatives
May 9, 2016

Comparing J.C. Penney And Sears Holdings
May 9, 2016

Yes, J.C. Penney Stock Could Double by 2019
May 7, 2016

Three Ways Gen Z Will Change Retail
May 6, 2016

The 'least engaging' retailers are...
May 6, 2016

Guess what old tradition Walmart is bringing back?
May 5, 2016

Agilence Announces Partnership with Sears Holdings
May 5, 2016

Sears hopes to lure store shoppers with Mom, online pickup
May 3, 2016

Closing 800 Department Stores? It's A Start
May 2, 2016

How Competition in Consumer-Facing Technology Threatens the Stability of Retail
May 2, 2016

Sports Authority Closing All Stores
Apr. 30, 2016

Three technologies that will shape retail — and one that won't
Apr. 29, 2016

Amazon surges in Q1; devices, cloud services fuel revenue growth
Apr. 28, 2016

J.C. Penney expanding its 10-year relationship with Sephora
Apr. 26, 2016

Lowe's Poised As Successor To The Sears Appliance Empire
Apr. 26, 2016

Sears announces another closing — but this one doesn't involve stores
Apr. 26, 2016

A new report signals disaster for American shopping malls
Apr. 26, 2016

Department Stores Need to Cull Hundreds of Sites, Study Says
Apr. 25, 2016

Sears to Close 78 Stores This Summer
Apr. 22, 2016

Macy's unseats Kohl's as....
Apr. 20, 2016

Nordstrom to eliminate 300 to 400 jobs
Apr. 19, 2016

Zacks: Sears Holdings Corp Receives Average Recommendation of "Strong Sell" from Analysts
Apr. 18, 2016

Traffic To J.C. Penney Website Soars As Company Recovers
Apr. 17, 2016

Red Flags For Sears Pensioners
Apr. 14, 2016

IBM: Retailers not meeting customer experience expectations
Apr. 11, 2016

Sears Taps Bill Gates's Fortune in Latest Borrowing
Apr. 9, 2016

Sears expands omnichannel service; hopes more people will seek out 'expert'
Apr. 7, 2016

Study: What's keeping retail execs up at night?
Apr. 6, 2016

Sears Canada makes COO position permanent
Apr. 5, 2016

This Company Is Best Positioned to Capitalize on Sears' Demise
Apr. 1, 2016

What Home Depot is doing right that the competition isn't
Apr. 1, 2016

J.C. Penney taps athletic wear trend with new line
Apr. 1, 2016

Sears Holdings: Just the Facts — Our Apparel Business
Apr. 1, 2016

Retail CEOs are most worried about...
Mar. 31, 2016

Sears Holdings Corp. Is Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb
Mar. 31, 2016

Supplier survey bodes well for retail sales
Mar. 30, 2016

Study: Younger shoppers want stores
Mar. 29, 2016

Sears CEO Lampert buys some of company's debt
Mar. 29, 2016

Sears Holdings names new chief administrative officer
Mar. 28, 2016

Kohl's, Sears, Home Depot earn Energy Star honors
Mar. 28, 2016

Ex-Walmart, Sears exec joins Conn's board
Mar. 25, 2016

Why Sears Holdings, Diamond Resorts International, and BP Prudhoe Bay Slumped Today
Mar. 21, 2016

Sears Holdings Corp Attempts to Protect Assets
Mar. 21, 2016

Sears Canada 2.0: The re-engineering begins
Mar. 18, 2016

Three ways that Sears falls short of Penney
Mar. 18, 2016

Sears Holdings: Retail Operations Somehow Get Worse
Mar. 16, 2016

Is crunch time coming at Sears?
Mar. 12, 2016

Another retailer with growing online sales and declining profits
Mar. 10, 2016

Men's Wearhouse parent company to close 250 stores
Mar. 10, 2016

The Blowback For REITs If Sears Holdings Goes Belly-Up
Mar. 9, 2016

Walmart elevates merchants, marketers and operators
Mar. 8, 2016

Why J.C. Penney's CEO Isn't Closing More Stores
Mar. 6, 2016

Fitch: Sears' Quest for Loan Will Not Bolster Liquidity, Suggests Selling Stores Instead
Mar. 4, 2016

Amazon Wants to Be Big Retailer on Campus
Mar. 4, 2016

Retail Employment Up
Mar. 4, 2016

Target Pares Products On Its Shelves
Mar. 3, 2016

Kmart to Sell Liquidated Goods: How Long Before Sears Merch Appears?
Mar. 2, 2016

Target Corporation Names Arthur Valdez Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain and Logistics Officer
Mar. 1, 2016

More good news for J.C. Penney
Feb. 29, 2016

J.C. Penney Sales Rise Despite Industry Woes
Feb. 27, 2016

Wal-Mart's Turnaround Could Lift Shares 30%
Feb. 27, 2016

CEO: Sears doesn't get same treatment as tech upstarts
Feb. 27, 2016

Sears CEO All Talk, No Action
Feb. 26, 2016

Holiday Slump Spurs Retail Rethink
Feb. 26, 2016

Sears cuts headquarters staff after dismal quarter
Feb. 26, 2016

Sears Posts $580 Million Fourth-Quarter Loss as Retailer Shrinks
Feb. 26, 2016

Sears grows its loss, adds board members
Feb. 25, 2016

What retailer has the best online customer experience?
Feb. 23, 2016

Sales, profit drop at Dillard's in Q4
Feb. 23, 2016

Anchors Aweigh: Malls Lose More Department Store Tenants
Feb. 23, 2016

Kmart eyes 'brag-worthy deals' from bankrupt retailers
Feb. 21, 2016

A new 'bad news' strategy
Feb. 19, 2016

Walmart just signaled a terrifying new reality for American retail
Feb. 18, 2016

Men Are Shopping Like Women
Feb. 16, 2016

J.C. Penney gives two execs more private label, supply chain responsibilities
Feb. 16, 2016

As sales sag, department stores look to evolve
Feb. 14, 2016

Lampert becomes majority owner of Sears Hometown, Outlet stores
Feb. 12, 2016

Kohl's Eliminates Three Senior Leadership Positions
Feb. 12, 2016

And the nation's favorite fashion retailer is...
Feb. 12, 2016

Sears implosion costs hotshot CEO a fortune
Feb. 9, 2016

Sears Holding Corp: SHLD Remains Doomed on Awful Q4 Numbers
Feb. 9, 2016

Sears stock hits 13-year low on bad holidays, revved-up store closings
Feb. 9, 2016

Burberry sues J.C. Penney for selling knockoff jackets, scarves
Feb. 9, 2016

Sears Holdings to accelerate closure of unprofitable stores
Feb. 9, 2016

Expansion Strategies for Today's Risk-Averse Retailers
Feb. 3, 2016

Sears Is Running Out of Time
Jan. 26, 2016

Sears Holdings: Next in Line to See Activist Involvement?
Jan. 25, 2016

13 Stores Where You're Spending Less Money
Jan. 18, 2016

Hedge Fund Calls for Macy's Inc. to Tap Into Its Real Estate
Jan. 17, 2016

Wal-Mart Retreats As Retail's Woes Deepen
Jan. 16, 2016

Reasons to Cheer Retail Sales
Jan. 15, 2016

Sears to close more stores
Jan. 14, 2016

Holiday scorecard Part II: more winners and losers revealed
Jan. 12, 2016

Kohl's Weighs Next Steps, as Woes Mount
Jan. 11, 2016

Holiday Sales Rise, but Not All Retailers Are Cheery
Jan. 8, 2016

Sears: Auto Centers Reveal Big Picture Problems For Company
Jan. 6, 2016

What Retirees Should Do As Interest Rates Inch Up
Jan. 3, 2016

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